Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2020

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2020 Recommended by WordPress.

For creating a detailed review for DreamHost Hosting, I purchased the WordPress Unlimited hosting plan, that offers unlimited websites to host.

I created a default WordPress website and started testing the performance of its performance with various tools.

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

Every month I check the performance of my DreamHost WordPress website and not it down to complete my review. I keep my eyes on the uptime and average speed of this officially recommended host by WordPress.

DreamHost can make you dream big.

Here is what the data have to say about DreamHost hosting company and whether it is the best WordPress web host for your needs.

Let’s check in detail in this DreamHost WordPress hosting review 🙂

About DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting provider companies. It is in 1996.

Its best support team receives awards all the time, and there is a long product list of DreamHost.

I was very surprised by the general usefulness of Dreamhost.com. The site is organized and easy to navigate, yet the information available is abundant and accessible.

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

The company values dictate love toward anything and everything open-source; WordPress is the biggest beneficiary as DreamHost actively contributes to the vast community of this popular CMS.

Another main thing in the DreamHost world is the investment in infrastructure and green hosting.

DreamHost Review – Affordable Technical and Fast, Yes User-friendly

DreamHost Hosting

100% UPTIME, 97 days Money-Back guarantee @2.59$/month







  • Free Domain (unlimited plan)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Email
  • NEW WP Website Builder
  • 97 Days money-back

Few One-click install

Excellent value that combines price, performance, and support.

DreamHost is recommended by WordPress.org as SiteGround and BlueHost

The response time of DreamHost is really good, the same as SiteGround.

  • UPTIME – 100%
  • SPEED – 0.6s

DreamHost has very great customer support staff with high knowledge.

It can be tested risk-free for the unprecedented 97 days, which is enough time to test its speed, control panel, functional site builder, and numerous technologies.

DreamHost is an excellent hosting provider that has it all: from a quality shared platform, through managed WordPress hosting, to decent VPS options, and so on.


The Essentials – DreamHost (Review)


Excellent Uptime – 99.99%

As you know that UPTIME is a very important aspect to keep in mind while choosing the best web hosting for your business because it is very essential to keep your online business/website live on the internet.

DreamHost surely knows it too, as the company promises 100% uptime and manages to deliver.


Typically, the best website hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime, but DreamHost is not afraid to promise the unthinkable.

Because 100% uptime is not an easy thing to maintain. But DreamHost has a very strong infrastructure and technology that’s why they are very confident.

So far, I have had no reason to check how quickly a compensation request is handled as my site with DreamHost is enjoying uninterrupted service for two months already.

Average Uptime 2019 – 100%

  • UPTIME 2020:
    • January – 100%
    • February – 100%
    • March – 100%
    • April – 99.99%
    • May – 100%
    • June – 99.90%
    • July – 99.98%
    • August – 100%

“DreamHost records one of the most impressive uptimes I’ve seen.”

Excellent Speed

Response Time – 0.21s
Load Time – 0.6s

Online, it is the loading speed that makes the difference between the best and the rest. Slow sites, regardless of how informative, valuable and well-designed they might be,

GTMetrix score

Now in the modern fast world and with the high-speed internet of today, no one likes slow websites. Users expect responsive pages that load very fast on all devices.

DreamHost sites are fast.

If you decide to host your website over at DrеаmHost, its speed will be guaranteed. Without any optimization

I am running regular checks on my DreamHost WordPress site, and the results are always impressive.

Among all hosting providers (for WordPress websites) I have reviewed so far, DreamHost is regularly in the top 3 and the fastest to respond and to load fully.

  1. SiteGround
  2. DreamHost
  3. BlueHost

Visit DreamHost Now

Excellent Support

Given the benchmarks I’ve seen so far, it seems that DreamHost has a very capable system and strong network administrators.

Super speed and high uptime are not easy things to provide.

They are the result of hard work and outstanding technical expertise applied to the powerful hardware of DreamHost.

dreamhost wordpress hosting Support

However, the techies most users deal with are frontline support. The people, who answer the phone, handle the chat, and reply to emails are the faces of any web hosting company, as they interact with the customers the most.

I can tell you right away that the DreamHost support is one of the fastest and most knowledgeable technical teams I’ve seen.

I chatted a few times with I feel that I am chatting with SiteGround customer support. Because they are very friendly calm attentive Excellent and knowledgeable as the SiteGround supporting team.

Only SiteGround’s Customer Support can be compared with DreamHost.


The Pros of DreamHost

DreamHost is not the only hosting company with

  • brilliant support
  • Fast servers and
  • Perfect uptime. It may be the only one that empowers the end-user as much, though.

97-day Money Back Guarantee – The Longest Available

As every top hosting company offers only a 30 days money-back guarantee, the DreamHost money-back guarantee is extremely generous.

30 days simply aren’t enough to measure properly how good web hosting is. Especially if you are a beginner, inexperienced, the better part of the first month will go for setup tasks and barely any promotion.

Even with a clear-cut strategy, proper SEO, and solid outreach, you are unlikely to see much traffic in the first month.

DreamHost offers a new customer 97 days more than 3 months money-back guarantee and 97 days is a lot of time to test a hosting service.

97 days. (More than 3 months) No joke.

DreamHost provides the longest money-back guarantee in the hosting industry. HostGator offers 45 days guarantee.

Check out DreamHost Now

Recommended By WordPress

DreamHost is officially recommended by WordPress.org

Recommend By WP

Optimized for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website building platform.
Together with SiteGround and BlueHost, DreamHost is one of the officially recommended hostings by WordPress.

The company has a very great, managed WordPress hosting (DreamPress), but it also sports WordPress-optimized shared plans.

Among other things, every fresh WordPress installation comes with caching plugins configured for maximum performance.

Cache plugins also help you to increase the speed of your website.

Easy WordPress installation.

If you plan to use WordPress, DreamHost is definitely among the top hosting providers and not only because of the extra-fast performance.

dreamhost wordpress hosting

The support team is WordPress experts, while the knowledge base is full of useful information about WordPress tricks and optimization techniques.

SiteGround is also a TOP WordPress hosting provider.

Transparent Pricing

So many hosting providers advertise extremely low starting prices only to double or triple the fee upon service renewal.

At this point, DreamHost is an honest and transparent hosting provider.

The moment you go to the plan details, you can see how the fee changes: prepaying for one year or more brings the price down, but that’s it.

dreamhost wordpress hosting PLAN

There are no hidden fees, no surprising increases in pricing.

Check the complete details of the plan and price …

For comparison, the likes of HostGator and GoDaddy attract new clients with an extremely low fee for the initial period and then demand a greatly higher renewal charge.

Easy Account Management

Unlike most other popular hosting providers, DreamHost uses a custom control panel, that combines hosting management, domain registrations, and billing in one place.

It is very helpful to control every necessary thing at one place

Free Backups

Digital data and backups must always go hand in hand. As the old saying goes, three things are certain: death, taxes, and loss of data.

Backups are awesome.

Website Backups are a must in hosting, and DreamHost delivers them.

DreamHost creates backups that stretch two weeks back in time. Accessing them directly through the control panel is very easy,

even though the options are somewhat limited, as you can get only the newest, mid-range, and the oldest available backups.

Still, it is much better than having no backups or to pay high for backups.
There is no restoration fee, and the recovery process is simple. (DreamHost WordPress hosting review 2020)

Excellent Site Builder

DreamHost developed its own Remixer website building tool. I must admit that my experience with it is minimal.

Still, from what I saw, it is a very easy site builder, with a good selection of themes, very decent functionality, and reasonably lean coding.

The latter is important to boost site speed and performance.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is also very important for the security of your website; it is also very helpful to the visitor’s trust because he can see a secure lock mark there.

DreamHost provides an SSL certificate free for a lifetime. While other hosting providers charge an extra fee for SSL, Let’s Encrypt.

It is really a good deal with a fast and secure hosting service.

Transparent Website

DreamHost is one of the companies with a very user-friendly website. Information for just about anything is made easily accessible, both in terms of navigation and language.

Everything is explained in just enough detail without crossing over into up sells and glamorous promises.

The Cons of DreamHost

DreamHost is an excellent hosting provider, but it is far from perfect. There are a few shortcomings that prevent it from becoming the top hosting service provider.

Paid Migrations Exclusively for WordPress Sites

Generally, DreamHost doesn’t provide migration services.

The only exception to the rule applies to WordPress installations moved toward DreamPress accounts, but the transfer of a single site will cost you $99.

Only DreamPress users can get their site migrated for $99.

While feature-rich, the DreamHost plans don’t include free migrations.

The DreamHost self-help centre has a relatively detailed article about how to do a manual migration. It covers all the steps for copying files, databases, and emails from one server to another, but that’s about it.

On the surface, it seems like a useful guide. Still, the real issues start after the files have been copied over because migrating sites from one host to another (even if both use, say, cPanel) is much more complicated than a copy-paste procedure.

Usually, it involves a lot of manual tweaking and troubleshooting, even when the migrated sites are small.

Very Limited 1-click Installs

Mostly all popular website hosts use Softaculous to provide automatic, simple installation and configuration of tens and sometimes hundreds of commonly used applications.

DreamHost grants access to only a handful.

Even popular content management systems like Drupal and Magento must be installed manually.

The Control Panel Lacks Certain Functionality

Earlier in this DreamHost review, I said a few good words about the customer control panel.

Indeed, this quick and easy to navigate all-in-one solution has its merits, but it also lacks certain functionality.

cPanel is the most widely adopted hosting control panel in the world because of its tremendous functionality and degree of control.

Even the most inexperienced users can learn how to manage their files directly through the browser in minutes.

DreamHost actively improves the control panel.

(DreamHost WordPress hosting review)

A bit cluttered but functional, the DreamHost control panel has its merits.

Over at DreamHost, the only way to access your files directly is through FTP. Not that this is a bad thing, as FTP clients tend to be faster and more secure than web browsers, but I find the lack of direct access rather odd.

Another thing missing is a WordPress login button. Many control panels either log you straight into the WordPress admin area with the click of a button or, at the very least, send you to the admin login page. Nothing of the sort is available at DreamHost.

Note that the second and thirds point are no real limitations. Technically savvy users will have no problem setting up the apps they need, and file access through FTP client is much more secure than through a browser.

Still, these are features that practically all of the best website hosting providers have by default, and the absence is worth mentioning.

(DreamHost WordPress hosting review 2020)

DreamHost Plans at a Glance

Choose DreamHost Now

Do We Recommend DreamHost?

Without any doubt, yes!

Thanks to its excellent technical support, speed, and reliability, DreamHost is an excellent website hosting provider.

The two shared hosting plans are very reasonably priced, and the badge of official WordPress host is thoroughly deserved.

One potential drawback for some may be the custom DreamHost control panel, which is not as functional as cPanel and (potentially) asks for a slightly higher degree of technical aptitude. On the other hand, the DreamHost support and self-help centre are superb and learning the essentials of hosting – FTP, basic WordPress management – is easy and will always be handy.

If you are looking for a quick and robust hosting solution that can accommodate the growing needs of any website, and WordPress in particular, look no further than DreamHost. It is an excellent choice.


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