Hostinger Pros And Cons Why Choose Hostinger for 2020-21

Hostinger Pros And Cons Why Choose Hostinger for 2020-21 When Hostinger comes to the world of online marketing and e-commerce, one of the essential things to keep in mind is selecting the best ‘ Web hosting’ service.

Web hosting is one of the most important qualities of using a successful website as good hosting brings you faster website loading speed which helps with better SEO access.

Also, a secure web hosting service guarantees that hackers and malicious attacks are avoided or at least decreased.

So, with so many Web hosting service providers in the market, how do you choose the right Web hosting for you?

This is exactly what we will be helping you with by using this article, and we recommend Hostinger as a great Web hosting option! So, read and discover for yourself.

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The most sought after feature of any web hosting is undoubtedly a timeless website response.

Since website speed influences SEO and finally website traffic, a website cannot do it without good loading speed and response time.

Hostinger offers cloud hosting technology with the power of MySQL, FTP and PHP at 3x speed set up for WordPress websites.

In addition to these features,

it also offers almost limitless disk & bandwidth and thus claims to provide the fastest website speed experience in the eco market.


Budget is always a factor in choosing any product or service, and a web hosting service is no different.

Hostinger’s price proposal says that with Hostinger, the customer pays for real web hosting technology and not marketing.

It also states that unlike other Web hosting companies that spend a lot on sales and charge up to 500% renewable prices after the first year,

it offers the best price with its Loyal Customer Guarantee web hosting and domain renewal program.

Hostinger Pros And Cons 2020
Hostinger Pros And Cons

Hostinger is unbeatable in terms of pricing with its single

  • shared Web hosting starting at 59rs/ per month,
  • premium web hosting from 199rs per month,
  • the business we host starts at 219rs per month.

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Usability (Hostinger Pros And Cons)

In terms of speed and responsiveness, it is very necessary that a website is prepared for its CMS (Content Management System).

Hostinger rates are high when it comes to CMS usability, and its servers are designed for different CMS, including WordPress, the current leading CMS.

Since the speed of a website or blog is one of the most important factors needed to have a successful website,

Hostinger’s temporary storage plugins and custom servers help achieve faster speed with efficient use.

Moreover, with its full SSD storage, Hostinger enables WordPress to run 50% faster.

Free Domain Hosting and Free SSL

It is a double bonus when you get free domain hosting and quality and discounted web hosting.

Hostinger offers a free domain and SSL hosting with its Premium & Business website hosting plans.

So, for a new business, this is the cheapest way to launch its website.

Additionally, Hostinger is a certified member of ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers),

so you do not have to worry about any illegal hosting deals and deals related to the domain.

Security Features of Hostinger

Last but not least, Hostinger also offers more online security on your website.

Specifically, its business web hosting plan offers excellent security, high levels of SEO, and a free SSL security certificate.

Choosing a stable hosting service provider permits clients to use your e-commerce website without troubling about the safety and security of their sensitive information.

Hostinger Pros And Cons

Free Website Builder and other great features

One of the great features of a good web hosting provider is the free website builder as a whole integrated and bulk service.

Hostinger does just that with all of its web hosting plans, offering a free ‘Website Website Builder’ at the top!

The best part of a free website builder is that you don’t need any technical knowledge, and you can build your website using a simple drag and drop interface.

And to help you with website design, you can choose from hundreds of free web templates created by professional designers.

Like cake cracking, websites created using Hostinger website builders are SEO and are useful in terms of keywords and interface.

Hostinger offers you 30 days Money-back Guarantee

Like all popular hosting provider companies – Hostinger also offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with their services you can ask them to refund your money.

You can’t test any hosting service provider company just in 30 days, but Something is Better than Nothing.

Note:- Hostinger doesn’t refund all your money, Domain name, any security feature you buy will not be refundable. Only the hosting fee would be refunded.

Hostinger Pros And Cons

Hostinger accepts many payment options like – credit card; debit card (Visa, Master, Rupay) PayPal, bitcoin, etc.

Built-in Cache

All Hostinger plans have Nginx caching enabled. Without descending deeper into technicalities, suffice to say that Nginx is a powerful and fast web server; it was designed to outperform Apache and duly does so.

When server-side Nginx caching is configured properly (which the Hostinger support assured me is the case), even content-heavy dynamic sites should perform flawlessly.

Easy to use and clean hPanle

Hpanel of Hostinger is very easy to understand, it is designed specially for beginners. Here on Hpanel you can understand all the features in no time.

Hostinger Pros And Cons

More features of Hostinger

Some of the great features Hostinger offers include unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth for premium and business web hosting plans.

It also boasts of enabling successful web hosting of any kind with its robust MySQL data configuration, email accounts, and FTP users.


With all the powerful features that Hostinger offers within the context of what a great web hosting provider should have,

Hostinger offers a ‘bang for the buck’.

After all, it uses the tag line below to describe itself, and this tag line is compatible with the type of offer and the expensive discount:

High quality, cheap and reliable Web hosting with 29,000,000 smart customers!

Hostinger Pros And Cons

Pros of Hostinger

  • Free Domain name (premium plan)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Support
  • US, EU, UK & Asia Data Centers
  • Servers run on SSDs
  • 99.9 UPTIME Guarantee
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee

Cons of Hostinger

  • No Free Domain with Single Shared Hosting Plan
  • No daily backup

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