InterServer Web Hosting Review 2020 web Hosting Review 2020 Many famous web hosting providers are there in the market today, but the size and popularity do not intend great service.

For its part, InterServer looks like a family-run company with a powerful emphasis on technological achievement and proper service. The company has an interesting approach and a very good pricing scheme, which has enabled me to sign up for its shared web hosting.

I created a basic WordPress website and connected it to my favorite testing tools to check the performance.

It is a complete review of InterServer, which highlights the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

What is InterServer

Interserver hosting provider company is founded in 1999 by two young engineers; InterServer has been rising ever after.

For the past decade, the company has focused on developing technology and creating a quality foundation instead of marketing and advertising, which is evident from the 4 data centers InterServer runs.

interserver web hosting review

Two founders still control the company. Mike Lavrik is the mastermind behind the company’s data centers.

John Quigley uses the InterServer technology partners and assures the company’s network functions seamlessly.

One of the best things about having a small company is the individual touch, and immediate care customers can expect.

My analysis has confirmed this feeling, but almost all InterServer online reviews also suggest support. Customer service is quick and helpful.

But is that sufficient?

Can InterServer fight with the most reliable hosting providers, even if it is little?

Let’s see what the numbers say.

InterServer Web Hosting Review 2020

Secure, Friendly Support, Price Lock @5$/month

interserver web hosting review





GOOD/BAD things

  • Free SSL
  • Free Migration
  • Price Lock Guarantee
  • Secure
  • 30 days money-back Guarantee
  • Same renewal cost
  • No Free Domain
  • Only single shared plan

Awesome speed (super fast) very knowledgeable and friendly customer staff, good UPTIME.

One of the great qualities of Price Lock Guarantee.

  • UPTIME – 99.95
  • SPEED – 0.7s

InterServer offers a trail of it’s hosting to new customers before choosing for a long time, its really great.

InterServer hosting company focused more on modern technology to provide a better experience. The company cares a lot about its customers and tries to provide the best hosting service

Important Things

InterServer Web Hosting UPTIME, Speed, and Customer Support.

Fast and kind assistance make InterServer an assuring hosting provider,

but the backend resides doubtfully.

Best UPTIME – 99.95%

UPTIME is an essential quality for any web hosting service provider. In website UPTIME/delivery means access to the website; everything else arrives in the background.

uptime of interserver

The service level contract published by promises a 99.99% monthly UPTIME. So far, so good, InterServer is out.

In the first month of testing (in all cases, the monitoring in September 2019 did not cover the whole month), the rest period was perfect.

100% always nice to see.

In October 2019, the InterServer report decreased somewhat, but still at a very satisfactory level.

December 2019 has been the most critical month for the hosting company, with a split of 99.92%.

And now in 2020

  • January – 99.99%
  • February – 99.99%
  • March – 100%
  • April – 99.98%
  • May – 100%
  • June – 99.99
  • July – 99.99
  • August – 100%

Speed of InterServer web Hosting (Review)

Speed can build or break your online presence. If you run a website just for entertainment, it doesn’t matter, but if you want to build something sensible online, speed is very valuable.

  • Quick response time – 0.20s (1)
  • Fast loading time – 0.70 (1)

One second delay in loading could end in a meaningful loss in growth and selling on your website.

That’s why having server power at the back of your web page is necessary. In this review of Interserver, I used 3 various benchmark analyses to get standard feedback.

Preliminary speed analyses, hands down, the fastest times I have seen to date. TTFB stays fixed, over time, and on test platforms, less than 0.20 seconds, while the time needed for a page to fully load only 0.70 seconds, which is amazingly fast.

Strange server performance under load.

InterServer response time was amazingly speedy until 25 users hit the server.

Honorary customer Support

Customer support is one of the great aspects to keep in mind while choosing any web hosting provider.

The fact is that InterServer has a sufficient customer assistance team. I have had a few communications with them in the chat and got immediate replies from an expert and helpful team.

interserver web hosting review

One of the greatest InterServer criticisms I have is its website, which can use some test readings and more useful navigation.

“Great support and respect with little information that is a little missing.”

Interserver Hosting Pros

Benefits of InterServer web Hosting

Despite its relative weaknesses,

InterServer offers some features that I would desire to see more often in the hosting business.

Here are the fabulous powers of a hosting company.

(InterServer web hosting review 2020)

pros of interserver

Price Lock Guarantee

InterServer is very transparent about its costs. It even becomes one of the company’s most meaningful selling details.

For all good, it can’t be any other way. InterServer guarantees the same rate as long as you stay to use its hosting.

If you start with $ 5 a month, then you will be paying the same 10 or 20 years.

The price lock guarantee is incredible!

price lock guarantee

How good is that?

InterServer web hosting review 2020

Honestly, I was amazed that this was not the main point of recommendation in all the InterServer customer reviews I went through while examining the business.

It’s brilliant!

Security Strength of InterServer

Security is a point you usually see on The company site may need some improvements, but the point that safety is being taken seriously can’t be denied.

InterServer gives some unique security features.


First, the company has a proprietary safeguard tool called InterShield. It holds a database of harmful IPs and automatically prevents requests from them. InterShield prevents all identified hacking threads.

That is not all.

All data is saved on RAID-10 disks.

Excellent Infrastructure

Interserver focused more on security, technology and quality

I say this based on the point that InterServer has no less than 4 data centres with awesome specs and a system of simulations.

By comparison, the higher HostGator has 2, as you can see in our complete article.

3 InterServer data centers are located in New York, and the fourth is in Los Angeles.

All datacenters are united to 10 Gbps Tier 1 networks and rely on hard work infrastructure from Cisco, Riverstone, and Network Networks.

Verified Email Delivery

Any significant decrease in shared server usage may harm your email.

InterServer declares to have discovered a solution to this. I say “claims” because I’m going to create a reliable way to examine this, but what InterServer has done seems to be a legitimate solution to this problem.

All in all, it sounds like a nice solution to the continuous problem bothering the Internet.Free migration

InterServer moves free websites towards its cPanel servers, but the company builds an extra number of new clients.

Every relocation site is thoroughly tested for malware, and if any error is located, it is cleaned by hand.

Free Weekly Backups (InterServer web hosting review 2020)

I include backups as an added safeguard feature, as they can be necessary when all other techniques have declined.

InterServer gives automatic weekly backups. That is not extraordinary in itself, but the point that you have easy to access.

Invented for WordPress

InterServer owns a WordPress platform, but that is different thing. I am still researching my WordPress case and intend to install a dedicated InterServer WordPress Reviews on it soon.

designed for wordpress

let me tell you that InterServer will do WordPress for you automatically. It is a great way to enhance safety and save much time.

WordPress is updated many times a year, after all. Multiple Free Scripts
InterServer provides a fully functional Windows hosting platform, too, with over 150 features.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

InterServer offers 30-day money-back guarantee, If you choose to cancel the hosting service during its duration, you can reach out to the payment cuatomer support and request a refund for the remaining time.

Normally, your appeal will be accepted. As long as you stay within the terms of service, you will be refunded.

That’s amazing, primarily with the price lock guarantee.
Cons of InterServer

Free Migration

InterServer offers free migration with a price lock guarantee. It is really awesome feature of InterServer Hosting Company

interserver web hosting review

Cons of InterServer web Hosting (Review)

There are some cons of InterServer web hosting.

Poor Website

If this were a review of, it would end up worse. According to webmasters, the company site isn’t the most critical web page I’ve ever seen, but it’s not far from the middle of the table.

Site navigation is OK, but I can’t shake the feeling that things are too crowded.

If you have never read the InterServer update in your life and visit the company’s website, you may want to drop before understanding some of the service features.

I mean, a website is the profile of a company. It must be lovely and easy to understand

Still, I hope the company will mark this problem and smooth its website.

NOTE February 2019: The company’s website experiences a new, crispy, and informative look. It seems crowded at times, but positive progress.

Complicated Customer Location

InterServer login is not wrong, but it derives some of the top web page’s key points. It can come out dense, with too many options displayed in the big navigation bar. After that, most of them are meaningless by default.

Too many controls for a simple shared account, right?

Very little and then very little.

Additionally, not all controls run correctly.

For example, there is a button to download your backups. I completely expected the downloadable data to be in my favour when I pressed it, Nothing happened. There was no file record, zip or not, to download—blank screen.

I immediately checked in with the assistance team where my backups were. It turned out that the backups are there (phew!) But they are firmly combined into the Canel. Well, Canel is good at keeping copies of the file.

But why not have a “Download Backup” button there?

InterServer Hosting Programs at a look

InterServer web hosting company, like iPage hosting, is one of those unique web hosting providers that host a single shared web hosting program. At least here, it makes sense because the InterServer VPS and dedicated solutions are highly appreciated.

InterServer hosting plans overview

You can choose it’s hosting plan @5$ /month,

You can get InterServer Hosting service just @0.1$ for first month

Check it now

Do We Suggest InterServer?

Yes, we do.

It is a small but strong hosting company with strong professional expertise.

And while some fields can improve it – the knowledge basis, the InterServer login area – where the company gives the most important news. Reliable UPTIME, super speed, best support team, and a locked lifetime value make it the best choice.

It leads to being higher technologically excellent because technology is everything for InterServer hosting company.

It’s not a very easy external interface, but the base and the people behind it serve a ton.

If you want to move to the next level – VPS – this looks like a charming company that can manage it. I look ahead to starting the following review of InterServer to see how its VPS hosting is working.

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