iPage Web Hosting Review 2020

iPage Web Hosting Review 2020 IPage is a different hosting service provider. With 1 shared hosting plan, the company thinks that it can fulfill all needs.

This makes it hard to make direct comparisons with other hosting provider companies.

ipage web hosting review

I purchased its hosting plan, created a default WordPress website for it, and connected it to great monitoring devices.

Routine check-ups and daily bench tests are the only methods to build an iPage update.

What is iPage Web Hosting (Review)

iPage is a web hosting service provider that focuses on a shared hosting service.

Its managed WordPress hosting plans had also been added to the portfolio sometime before.

The company also offers VPS services, but they are never advertised.

IPage maintained by a large EIG, a global corporation that manages a large portion of the hosting business.

Under the EIG group, iPage proceeds to grow. EIG acquired HostGator back in 2012; the company experienced the most critical release in its past.

BlueHost has a related story. But I prefer to find the company by the quantities that report my testing tools and not personally.

iPage Web Hosting Review 2020

iPage web hosting 2020





iPage Pros/Cons

  • FREE domain registration
  • Unlimited Site Hosting
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • FREE email address
  • 24/7 support
  • FREE site builder
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Bad Support
  • High charge for backup
  • vDeck Control Panel

iPage impresses with speed but repulses equally much with the insane amount of upsells and needless offers.

iPage hosting service is very impressed with the speed and the UPTIME of iPage hosting is really nice 99.99%. Its TTFB is second faster than other hosting providers.

Mainly when you think about the outstanding uptime of 99.99% and the fastest response under load, iPage looks like the best web hosting to buy.

Its other hosting plans are not as attractive as the shared hosting plan.

The vDeck control panel, while easy to use for beginners. But it is not better than cPanel in terms of control and functions. Many features that every other hosting company provides are missed in iPage.

Important Factors on we focus more: UPTIME, SPEED, SUPPORT


These three aspects(UPTIME, SPEED, CUSTOMER SUPPORT) are the most important to check while choosing any web hosting service.

We spend more time to test these 3 matrices in our hosting company reviews.


99.99% UPTIME is one of the couple most essential features of a web hosting provider.

iPage guarantees that its UPTIME will be available 99.9% and up-to-date.

The 1st point I did after noticing my iPage login credentials was to install WordPress.

Later that, I connected it to the StatusCake to test the availability of my iPage website, testing it from 3 servers.

So far, two months of downtime monitoring, the iPage service is very reliable. The 100% break-in August is excellent, with September dropping the ball a bit, to 99.81%.

Over the next few months, there has been some solid performance; however, bringing an average time of 99.99% excellent performance.

Loading Speed

Speed is also a deciding aspect of an internet hosting provider.

As long as your site is designed for a limited time (anything over 99% is over), the speed response and page response affect the user experience and search engine rankings greatly.

IPage provides a shared web hosting plan, but it shows to be consistent when it’s essential.

The average loading time it takes for my small WordPress website to load in 1 second, speedy (but not very fast),

while the initial server response takes less than 0.4 seconds on average.

Best of all, under uploaded, the shared iPage solution is excellent! 50 users who performed well over 250 connections on the server were able to slow it down to 0.135 seconds.

That’s the fastest, Only SiteGround Web hosting provides such a fast speed

Unreliable Support

Aside from the technical side of things, the support users experience is very important.

Professionals who receive midnight calls and who respond to emails day and night are the faces of the company.

Customer service should be good in all aspects: knowledge, communication skills, willingness to help, availability.

The iPage agents I spoke to were there but unwilling to help. My experience goes hand in hand with a lot of reviews of iPage by end users who complain about it.

Shortly after the launch of my iPage app, I included (or received a map, as a proper name) the hosting plan and domain name I had prepared for this review. From the control panel I set it as default server.

IPage has a default installer, but whenever I go through it, the installer would allow me to work only with the default iPage subdomain of my account and not my real domain.

Hosting my actual domain was not on the installer.

I don’t like the customer support of iPage (iPage Web Hosting Review 2020)

I had to contact supporters three times to get this thing fixed. The first two attorneys were adamant that my website was missing because the nameservers were still circulating.

That was a misnomer at several levels, but they were so confident in their absurd response that they did not want to look at anything else to help solve the problem.

During the third interview the agent noticed right away that my hosting product was probably missing from the WordPress installer and went to check what was going on.

It turned out that the DNS location was not automatically created in the backend;

he put it in his hand, and the problem has solved.

Benefits of iPage (Pros)

IPage is an active web service provider for advisory purposes in addition to competent marketing.

Admittedly, seeing one of the shared hosting plans sounds very confusing, but the company pours enough resources into it, so it stands up against its competitors for various offerings.

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Tempting features

One Alternative Governance

I don’t know who came up with the idea that it is illegal to offer a single shared hosting plan, but it has some complaints.

At the very least, one strategy makes things easier, eliminating any speculation about what you should choose.

This is in line with the typical feeling of iPage; it seems the company is aimed at non-technical people, who are looking for simple solutions.

The iPage system seems to be well-organized.

For as little as $ 1.99 a month, you can enjoy many resources and the right amount of technology for a solid online presence.

Free Domain Name Registration

Each new account comes with an excellent iPage domain registration. That’s a great way to get a $ 20 web hosting service for the first year.

Domain renewal is paid for, but that’s fine as you save on initial registration fees.

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ipage web hosting review

Free SSL Certificate

The Let’s Encrypt initiative has changed the hosting location, in a very positive way. By offering free automatic SSL certificates, Let’s Encrypt makes the entire web a safer and better place

I do my detailed reviews hoping to contribute to the development of the global web regularly, and such amazing projects can make me happy.

Free website builders

IPage may have one hosting plan, but it has two platforms for building a website. No need to explain to me how strange this is, I know.

Then again, with unlimited domains hosted via iPage, you may want to try different things.

Website Builder and Weebly offer free site building solutions for iPage customers. Both are well-respected relief builders.

My choice relies heavily on Weebly, but I have to admit I am biased here just because I know Weebly so much better than Website Builder.

Weebly is an intuitive and powerful site building platform.

However, the point of the story is that iPage puts in your hand’s powerful creative tools that can create your online space brilliantly.

No code or technical expertise required. Both site builders are very easy in comparison to WordPress.

Without the slightest change, iPage Website Builder and iPage Weebly have no effect on the actual site building platform.

Disadvantages of iPage (Cons)

The iPage web hosting Review without mentioning another company UPTIME, can’t be completed.

If the review of the Best Web Hosting was based on speed and speed only, iPage would have been easily counted among the top web hosting providers. However, our detailed analysis does not rely solely on benchmarks.

Complete research also plays its part, so I’m looking forward to the many reviews of iPage 2019 done so far.

Most of the iPage’s complaints were about renewal fees. It is a common thing in the hosting industry, but there are other points also where iPage is not doing well.

High Backup Charges

IPage creates automatic backups everywhere. Copies of the past two weeks are always kept; all details were backed up three days ago.

Sounds really fun, until you have to use a backup. It can cost you up to $ 150.

To say that this price is too high would be an understatement. It is obvious madness and borderline behavior.

I was shocked to see how few user-provided iPage updates could say the truth.

By asking for such a high price, iPage actually keeps your files bound.

Expensive Site Migration

IPage sites migration from other hosting providers. However, again, the price is really terrible because the $ 150 per site is too much.

The thing is that if you want to move your site manually from another hosting provider that uses, say, Canel, you may find it a technical challenge.

iPage uses vDeck Control Panel. In appearance, its design may be similar to Canel, but the backend is not the same, making any transfer a difficult proposal.

Non-Indigenous Support

Any online customer service can be measured based on knowledge, communication skills, willingness to help, availability.

I have already mentioned the questionable practices of the iPage support team.

Of course, their communication skills are limited, which makes understanding their level of knowledge very difficult.

I have heard the news that EIG is moving the services departments of newly acquired overseas hosting providers, and it seems that iPage-India is already not working well.

I need the answers to some of my basic questions, and I had to repeat it several times before getting a clear answer.

It’s annoying

vDeck Control Panel

I have to admit that I like the iPage control panel. The vDeck is uncluttered and easy to use and looks like Canel in appearance.

Only that it certainly does not have the best performance of Canel.

Even the most basic tools are available – file management, iPage email setup – many things are missing.

VDeck has its own merits but the layout of iPage is very important.

OK for basic use or for users who want to make the most of iPage website building solutions, but less experienced webmasters will find it less expensive.

A difficult and perhaps controversial call, but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend iPage.

Without decent performance, a full company offer is wrong.

Our Recommendation

IPage, like many other executives under the EIG umbrella, is attracting new customers with a trial offer during the first service only to increase the price four times (at least) on renewals.

This has not been resolved because the hosting package is OK-ish but nothing surprising.

It does not provide any restore or backup. Yes they have this feature but it is very expensive

Add to that questionable support and things get in the way.

Indeed, the company offers access to reputable site builders, but this iPage review is about the company’s hosting solutions and not Weebly and Website Builder.

Alternatively, if you plan to use a website building platform, you will be much better off signing directly with the service provider instead of going through iPage.

If you want to protect the quality, check out some of our top website hosting reviews.


What are the Pros and cons of iPage Hosting?

These are some Pros and cons I found in my iPage hosting review.
Pros of iPage web hosting:- FREE domain registration, Unlimited Site Hosting, 1,000s of free templates, FREE email address, FREE site builder, FREE SSL Certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee.
Cons of iPage web Hosting:- High Backup Charges, Expensive Site Migration, Non-Indigenous Support, vDeck Control Panel.

How may shared hosting plans iPage hosting provider has?

Ipage hosting company have only one shared hosting plan.

What is the price of iPage shared hosting plan?

Price of iPage shard web hosting plan is 1.99$/month

Have iPage any WordPress hosing plan?

Yes, iPage has 2 different WordPress hosting plans.
1. WP started @3.75$
2. WP essential @6.95$

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