NameCheap Web Hosting Review for WordPress

NameCheap Web Hosting Review It is a bit strange that so many Namecheap reviews are about domain name management and registration. Indeed, Namecheap is one of the major subscribers on the planet,

but it also provides a complete gamma of Linux hosting service, shared hosting WordPress hosting, visual and dedicated hosting servers.

Namecheap web hosting coppany

Specifically, common metrics can disclose the exact qualities of web hosting and answer questions.

Is Namecheap web hosting Good for WordPress?

Important – Namecheap UPTIME Time, Loading Speed, and Customer Support

These are some important matrix we user in most of our web hosting reviews

UPTIME of NameCheap

The most important quality of any web host that deserves its availability.

Customers pay money to make their website available; that’s what hosting is all about.

when a site is offline, whatever be the reason, visitors can’t reach out to your site.

That’s why all the top website providers promise an UPTIME of 99.9% and above.

Namecheap was the only company outside of SiteGround to guarantee 100% UPTIME and offer compensation whenever the promise is broken.

In recent times, the promise has been transformed into 99.9% real.

Unlike various other Namecheap updates I have seen, I rely on real-time data to check the websites I review. I use the StatusCake tool to test websites, the small site I own at Namecheap went down several times.

It was a little unsatisfactory to see an average growth of 99.82% in 2018.

However, since February 2019 the rest period has never dropped below 99.9% and strong performance continues until 2020.

Average Uptime 2018 – 99.82%
NameCheap Uptime 2019 – 99.95%

Average Uptime 2020:

• January – 99.87%
• February – 99.96%
• March – 99.98%
• April – 99.99%
• May – 99.97%
• June – 100%
• July – 99.91%
• August – 99.98%
• September – 99.99%

Reasonable Loading Speed Of NameCheap

Loading Speed is also an important factor according to google.

  • Quick Response Time – 0.34s
  • Fully loaded time – 1.5s

Website speed is very important. For most end-users, it is more important than UPTIME.

If you visit a site you know and happen to be offline once, it is not a biggie given that the next time you check it out it is available.

However, visiting a slow and unresponsive site usually means that you will never re-type its URL. Statistics show a lot.

Since I wanted to create a detailed and reliable shared hosting plan review of Namecheap, I simply used my site with three-speed testers.

The average speed was not great. While the time required for the first byte to be retrieved from the server is not so bad, the page loads in full per second.

NameCheap web Hosting Review

Now, this is not slow, but basic WordPress installation without plugins or meaningful content does not speed up that, especially when compared to the more active providers.

The speed of Namecheap company seems to drop in the middle of the plan of hosting providers

When I check how the shared hosting plan of Namecheap handles the load of traffic, the results were also somewhat average.

That is not the slow and steady response from Namecheap.
50 identical users deliver an average response time in about a full second. Also, there is no plugins and a few pages on this website.

Poor Customer Support (NameCheap Web Hosting Review)

Technical quality support creates unparalleled peace of mind. Knowing that there are experienced skilled who are ready to help every time trouble arises creates better confidence in any web hosting service.

I found Namecheap’s support service unsatisfactory. I have frequently contacted support and sales teams.

customer support

While my questions were simple, I was getting straightforward answers, but the moment I came up with a real story the communication got worse.

I mention how Namecheap promises 100% UPTIME but my website has certainly not enjoyed an uninterrupted hosting service.

I touched on the sponsorship and raised a question. The representative was taking his time, but that interview request itself was answered very quickly. So far, so good.

After reassuring me (another 10 minutes in the interaction) he just said he had to transfer me to another agent and he just did it.

He did not bother to ask me if I was right in the process to express my interest.

NameCheap Web Hosting Review 2020

My guess that his change was over he just dropped me off at his colleagues.

My partner said he had read the chat and understood what I am saying. However, all he did was passage terms of service about rest periods and 3rd-party monitoring tools.

I also had to explain that these terms are the main reason I communicate with supporters so that they can confirm that my site has really gone downhill.

According to him, it was not down. At all.
I was not given any evidence that the Namecheap service was made without any problems. No logs or at least a summary of the time I was asking.

In addition to the poor way the first agent handles our cooperation, Now I can say that the Customer support of the Namecheap hosting company doesn’t have enough knowledge and experience.

“I have found Namecheap customer service missing communication skills and an enthusiasm to help.”

Good Things of Namecheap Hosting

At the opening of this review, I promised to answer the question: Is Namecheap hosting a good or bad?

I maintained below some pros and cons of the Namecheap hosting service. It can help to clear the answer to this question.

A Good Start Plan

The detailed information will find below, but I want to make it clear that, you can start your online website with Namecheap just @106 rs/month if you pay for one year.

If you choose NameCheap hosting for 2 years than you can start your online journey just @91 rs/month.

And you can host 3 websites with this shared hosting plan
Many other hosting companies I have reviewed offer only one website to host.

good for beginners

At this point, Namecheap offers valuable and unique
When I look at all the features of a very small Namecheap system that includes,

I must say it is a great opportunity for people who want to handle two or three small or medium-sized areas.

Free migration and more

Namecheap offers free site migration. If you have an existing cPanel website somewhere else and choose to move on to Namecheap,

it is very easy to move your website to Namecheap. it will take only 15 minutes to shift.

Fair Price Policy

Unlike many other managers who increase fees when it is time to renew, Namecheap renewal price does not increase.

I find this to be refreshingly honest, as the embarrassing low prices of other companies make sense over time.

pricechart namecheap

Check Price at NameCheap

own a website is not a short-term investment. It could be something you pay for years if the website becomes popular.

GoDaddy and HostGator love a cheaper introduction pricing strategy and a more powerful renewal fee.

Even SiteGround, an open and transparent company, uses this marketing approach.

At Namecheap, price plan remain the same.

Free Backups

All Namecheap hosting plans take in free backups. The only main that enjoy daily backups but even two times a week is respected because no additional fees are charged for it.

We are living in a digital era that makes data loss an expected part of life. This is particularly true if websites are concerned as there are many situations that need the use of a strong backup.

The biggest plan is to install daily backups but even twice a week is usually enough.

WebSite updates, plugin malfunctions, and hacks but the most accepted reasons why backups are still so amazing. Take my word for it, the usual regular backups are wonderful.

Incredible domain listing options

If you search for the most recent, 2020 Namecheap reviews without specifying that you are interested in web hosting, you will learn how a company is a good subscriber. Without a dark shadow of a doubt, it is.

namecheap web hosting domain

Now, if you’re thinking “Is Namecheap better than GoDaddy?” domain registration, I cannot really say for the reason that I have never used the following on use.

I can give surety you that Namecheap is incredible, though. Its good interface, fun deals, and limitless TLDs available make it the best option for domain registration.

User-Friendly Interface

I really like the Namecheap control panel. It is very clean and not crowded, but it shows a ton of detail at a glance.

A simple and functional design awaits all Namecheap customers.
Navigating through a variety of options is fast and smooth, and product management is very straightforward.

There are almost no upselling, and access to everything – billing, domain management, hosting management – is as easy as it gets.

You can enhance the security of your Namecheap login with 2-factor authentication, and protect your account integrity for good. (NameCheap web Hosting WordPress Review)

Positive Position Page

It is very easy to see if Namecheap is down or planned to be maintained.

The status page is very detailed and informative. Announcements of,

  • service improvements
  • server migration
  • network status
  • emails
  • and domain services can be found there.

This is what the status page should look like. I really like how useful it is with the general updates you see.

Bitcoin payments option

I agree that that has nothing to do with web hosting,

but having the opportunity to pay for digital services with real digital money strikes me as amazing.

The Bad things of Namecheap

Namecheap hosting has its flaws. Mostly, it is a medium-term operation but other aspects of the product the company is offering can be improved.


SSD acceleration is the first word I heard while preparing for this Namecheap update.

Apart from creating advertising markets, it means that hosting is not available on SSD servers.

This may explain the poor performance of my Stellar Plus system, as SSDs are often faster than older HDDs

Limited Space

Both the smallest and largest system have limited storage space.
The 20GB of three websites is not the least, while the 50GB of SSD space also looks decent.

However, many competitors do not set realistic limits in the space an account can use, as long as it does not violate the terms of service.

Limited Data Centers (NameCheap Web Hosting Review)

Namecheap does not have much to offer in terms of holdings. The company has a data center in Phoenix, Arizona, and offers collocation servers in the UK. The latter is more expensive.

Most major hosts use at least two of their data centers, and several have servers on three continents.

For people who want to host their website in India, this limitation does not mean much but for all other people, it may reduce performance a little bit.

If the Namecheap speed show was better, it wouldn’t matter but with a service that is already slower than usual, it makes no sense at all. (NameCheap Web Hosting Review)

Choose Hosting Plans of NameCheap web Hosting (Review)

namecheap web hosting  plan

Check the deal

Do we recommend NameCheap web Hosting

Namecheap is a respected host in a particular context.
We recommend it to people who have a few small websites and who are on a tight budget.

The main reason for this is that the Stellar system has a sufficient number of features, costs less than 110 rs/month, and smaller sites do not drive crazy street traffic to be able to handle them.

Lastly, small sites often have a few things that can be broken, so you will not be too reliant on the questionable support of Namecheap.

If you happen to be following a reliable, fast-paced hosting where your online presence can grow and flourish, it is a good idea to have some of the top website hosting companies we have here.

After all, there is a reason why most good Namecheap reviews are about domain name management.


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