Review Process

Review Process hosting

We follow the same method for every hosting review process. It helps us stay thorough and objective, and gives us a structure that transpires throughout the reviews. This helps a lot to find dissimilarities between various companies and helps to compare their offers.

We collect information about the Company

Before purchasing a hosting plan, and before starting our review process we take our time to collect some necessary information about hosting companies like Simple navigation, copyright, policies, and detailed information about the hosting services.

We check the plans, offers, and what additional features they include. Things like deceptive marketing language, unspecified server technology, convoluted terms of service, and poor navigation don’t go unmentioned in our reviews.

We also check popularity and the reputation of the hosting company.

What We Do

We evaluate hosting providers quality by most important things, such as;

uptime hosting india


hosting speed


hosting price


customer support


We purchase a plan for test

Once the preliminary research is done, we open up an account with the hosting company and purchase a plan (typically, the most advertised and popular plan offered).

We pay attention to:

  • Speed and simplicity – Does it take minutes or hours or days to get your account running
  • Payment options – The more, the better
  • Hidden fees – Many hosts try to force long term commitment through discounts, but that’s fair; some provide some of the additional features that increase the price.
  • Hosting setup – Opening an account is only half the done; in most cases,

the hosting environment is activated automatically once payments are done,

but sometimes you have to face unexpected problems before actually getting to your hosting product.

We evaluate cPanel

Web hosting companies give you access to the control hosting control panel. This is the place where you put your payment details, settle hosting fees, buy new products, etc.

The control panel is the place where you can manage your hosting services from, i.e.

  • Add domain names
  • Set up new email addresses
  • Access the files that compose your website
  • Install CMSs, and more

We evaluate the ease on Cpanel for a beginner in our reviews.

Create a test and Monitor it

After we browse around to get a good taste of the host’s interface and functionality. We install a default WordPress site through the 1-click installer all modern hosting providers provide.


  • We connect the site to hosting we measure its response time and loading time the uptime
  • We monitor TTFB and the load time three times a month; the published results are the average values from the three separate testing tools.

Once a month we use LoadImpact to see how the test site handles traffic;

this is the most valuable test as every webmaster wants visitors and wants to know how the server would react when under load.

Customer Service and Knowledge Base

We contact to customer supporting team even before a hosting plan is purchased. Getting information about their features.

After signing up we ask some technical based questions for testing the knowledge of customer supporting staff.

We also check the ways that how they provide customer support like – chat, call, video call etc.


Once all is done, we start the process of writing our reviews and experience with hosting company then we give ratings according to the performance of the company.

We keep these things in mind while rating any company.

  • Uptime – 25%, this is one of the two most important factors; everyone wants to have a constantly accessible website
  • Speed – 25%, page loading time, and how the server handles stress are very important factors. No one likes a slow website.
  • Support – 20%, if you find any problem with your website, which you can’t solve then you have to contact hosting support staff. Their knowledge, way of providing help, and fast solutions are very important
  • Price – 15%, Money matters a lot, and if you are a beginner then much more. We take in consideration that customer should be benefited first
  • Features – 15%, the price you pay is, indeed, closely tied to the services you receive; the more and better functioning, the better

You’ll find these factors in our hosting reviews

Now, once a web hosting company accrues a certain number of user reviews, we add their value to the final grade. In the end, user reviews contribute 25% to the final rating.

You can check out our reviews with or without these factors, sort them by features, and according to the things that you think important.